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On 17/03/19 03:15, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
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>> So you basically can't rely on OSM to find a police station in case 
>> of an emergency.
> let us not overemphasize the emergency in this context. In an urgent 
> emergency you would expect the police to come to you rather than the 
> opposite.

If you are being assaulted, it is better to run towards the police 
rather than away.

> I agree that we should have an amenity tag for police stations (this 
> still means many of them would be closed after office times, for 
> example in Germany), and that amenity=police was defined so since the 
> beginning.
> And it appears that other police facilities and non public operations 
> also bear the tag.
> We could try to migrate those other police amenities to 
> amenity=police_facility
> some would better be retagged as office, but if you want a tag which 
> more reliably states “police station”, it looks like a new subtag e.g. 
> police=station could work.

Why have amenity=police_facility where that too will have to have sub 
tags .. possibly more police=* values?

Why not simply accept the key police=* and be done with the intermediate 
step of amenity=police or amenity=police_facility or 
amenity=police_office ro amenity=police_garage etc... ?
> There are already 22 of them ;-)
> https://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/keys/police#values

Any if the key police=* how many will then become used?

> Most common (the only significantly used) value for “police” is 
> “traffic_police” (987 uses). This is a type of police, not a type of 
> facility.

A 'type' of police in some police facility.

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