[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - police=*

Jan S grimpeur78 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 17 10:24:32 UTC 2019

Am 16. März 2019 23:18:38 MEZ schrieb Joseph Eisenberg <joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com>:
>The key “police” is not currently on the list of features that import
>as a
>polygon in osm2pgsql, when mapped as a closed way.
>So renderers and other database users that rely on osm2pgsql will need
>add the “police” key to the lua transformations list and reimport the
>This is easy for cartographers that make insividual maps, but it’s a
>undertaking for the main OSM servers, which is only done every couple
>years. So it will take some time before any objects tagged
>without an “amenity” tag could be rendered on the Standard map layer on
>This shouldn’t be a problem for things like warehouses, non-public
>vehicle impound facilities etc. But it requires patience for police

Good point. I hope this transition period can be provided by double tagging police stations for a while at least.

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