[Tagging] I have been tagging mosques wrong all along

Tom Pfeifer t.pfeifer at computer.org
Sat Mar 23 15:55:17 UTC 2019

On 23.03.2019 15:12, Jean-Marc Liotier wrote:
> I have learned from Muslims and confirmed in literature that this tagging scheme is wrong: what I 
> considered as the mosque itself is merely the main prayer hall. The mosque is actually the whole 
> complex that I used to tag as landuse=religious.

So, if the actual praying happens in the building, this is the place where the worshiping happens,
hence the place of worship, hence amenity=place_of_worship

Thus I see no need for different tagging.

The wikipedia article has some insight in the process, however it also mentions that a mosque can be 
a building. So, if the mosque is a building, tagging building=mosque would be fine.

Even for the situation that the worshiping happens without a building, the general campus can be 
tagged landuse=religious, the more specific location of the worshiping amenity=place_of_worship, but 
without a building tag.


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