[Tagging] I have been tagging mosques wrong all along

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Thu Mar 28 16:50:36 UTC 2019

> Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2019 08:40:09 +0100
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> Subject: Re: [Tagging] I have been tagging mosques wrong all along
> Hi,
> Personnaly I already use amenity=* for the whole plot/complex when it's clear it is not limited to a building. This apply to schools, hospitals and places of worship (not exhaustive list) in my way of tagging. I believe this is how schools and hospitals are suggested to be mapped and see no exception with places of worships. I don't see a need for religion-based way of tagging (amenity=place_of_worship schema shall be used the same for any religion).
> So yes I agree with you that places of worship are not always limited to a building (same for a school, an hospital...).
> Yours,
> LeTopographeFou

I second that.


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