[Tagging] Is there a good way to indicate "pushing bicycle not allowed here"?

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Their are Government rules and landowner rules.
These landowner rules are mostly expressed on the border of their land with a access_sign     -------->       access_sign rules

>“typically not traffic rules but additional”
equally important
In the rural, their lots of these access_signs.
Mostly written what is prohibited.
“Access on roads and paths”
“Forbidden for bicycles”
“Forbidden for motorvehicles”

Their access_sign, with written on it, what is allowed and end with “others prohibited”.
To catch all these others in tags.

Lately I was in contact with a landowner of a estate, because of financial benefits, he can open up the area for use, setting the rules by himself. (Their are regulations, what he can do or not).
Then I asked, if it is allowed to push a bicycle. No, you are not. And this is very common on many nature reserves and natural environments.
He also wanted only walking, not running. running=no? Area located next to a residential area, with sports accommodation in the nearby area. He did not want (organized) running groups to use his area.
No, dogs.
He expect from me to tag it right, I mentioned that OSM does not have that strict forbidden tags.
He find that strange.

That’s why, my thoughts, also other transportation modes are not allowed to push in the area.
vehicle=no_vehicle, then I catch all the transportation mode in a one tag combination.
If it is a key, I must have all these key variations.

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  We need a hard and strict no.

I would agree with this, altough these are typically not traffic rules but additional, arbitrary rules like dress codes, gender based restrictions, etc.
People want to express those rules, so we should have a tag that unambigously expresses the rule.

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