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On Fri, Nov 15, 2019 at 11:22 PM Alessandro Sarretta <
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> There are a couple of things that are not totally clear to me:
>    - in general, might these tags apply also to areas, rather than only
>    ways?
> We already have highway=pedestrian. Are you suggesting that we also have
highway=pedestrian + pedestrian=access_aisle? I probably wouldn't map an
access aisle as an area but I'd be interested in hearing more.

>    - I am a bit confused by *accessible_van*. Does it refer to vans
>    instead of cars? In this case I think it is not an information related to
>    the aisle, but to the parking_space. If it is still for disabled persons,
>    shouldn't it be access_aisle=disabled anyway?
> Vans can be equipped with either ramps or lifts to load and unload
wheelchairs.  The ramps and lifts require an extra wide space, in the US,
it's 8 feet, about 2.4 meters. These vans are quite common in the US. I
haven't seen any cars similarly equipped.


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