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Some denominations have strict ranks.  Others are far more egalitarian.
And what rank is
the only place of worship of a very small denomination?

the tag was introduced for those denominations where rank is well defined
and important enough for mappers to be mapped, obviously

(It’s currently not very likely we will map religious divisions/districts
> and represent the whole hierarchy of the catholic church (or others, but
> they are the biggest and likely most organized/differentiated) so that we
> could add churches as seat of a bishop to a relation).

A diocesan relation might be useful to some people.  But is it necessary to
have a rank
tag on the places of worship to achieve it?  A role would do the same thing.

that’s what I meant, the religious boundary relations would be a parallel
or alternative system, with more detail and information, would make rank
tags unnecessary, but would be overkill if finding out the rank of a place
of worship is your only interest. They are also almost impossible to survey
on the ground.

> Additionally, I believe (not completely sure), that cathedrals might keep
> their title after a reorganization of the administrative district (so there
> could be 2 cathedrals for one bishop in some cases).

Nope.  The cathedral follows the bishop (in Catholicism, not sure about
other denominations
that have cathedrals).  If a bishop moves out of a large, ornate building
with gothic arches
and flying buttresses (what most of us think of when we hear the word
"cathedral") then it
ceases to be a cathedral.  If that bishop moves into a small, crude chapel
then it becomes
the cathedral.  In practise that rarely happens and bishops get the biggest
and best

you’re right that possibly it isn’t a cathedral, I was thinking about a
particular case, and while in the English Wikipedia it is still called a
cathedral, the official title in italian is now "Concattedrale"
(co-cathedral) since 1986 : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alatri_Cathedral
and it is also a basilica minore since 1950.

See here for reference on co-cathedrals:

Nevertheless, most people who see a certain type of building immediately
think "cathedral"
whether it has a bishop or not.

usually people will go by the name I think, if it is called "cathedral"
they will reasonably think it is a cathedral...

> And there are lower titles of churches, like collegiate churches, parish
> churches, etc, which are still more important than “ordinary” churches.

Few of those distinctions are obvious from the outside, though.

Well, they are usually part of the name and written on the sign (or on the
informative paper notice at the entrance, etc.)

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