[Tagging] Was there every a proposal for the disused:key=* / abandoned:key=* lifecycle prefixes?

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> Examples: In Rome, St Peter's, St Mary Major, and St Paul's Without
> the Walls are all basilicas, but none of these is a cathedral.

actually St. Paul's does have walls, the name is "outside the walls"
intending outside the city walls. ;-)

> The
> Papal throne is not at St Peter's Basilica, but rather the Cathedral
> of St. John Lateran (which is also a basilica - Rome has four major
> basilicas).

For completeness, St. John Lateran is also called "Arcibasilica"
(Archbasilica). And it is also a "basilica papale" (papal basilica) like
all major basilicas in Rome, and yes, it is the seat of the bishop of Rome,
hence the Roman cathedral. The 6 papal basilicas are the 4 major basilicas
in Rome plus 2 minor basilicas in Assisi.

> You can't tell a cathedral from any other big church by appearance
> from the outside. (Inside, it's distinguished by the presence of the
> episcopal throne.)


> 'Chapel' is a problematic word outside the UK. For what it's worth,
> there are no fewer than 81 chapels inside the Basilica of the National
> Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. 'Chapel' in this sense denotes a
> worship space inside a larger building.

agreed, there are 2 uses in language for "chapel", as part of a church
building and not, but the term "building=chapel" can only refer to those
that are not a building part of a church (because of the building key used).

 A metropolitan cathedral is superior to the suffragan cathedrals
> in its province, certain abbeys report directly to Rome rather than
> the local Ordinary (and certain abbots are even Ordinaries without
> being bishops!), and various other things like that.  Do we really
> want to go there?

I would leave the details to people that are familiar with them. We also do
not have to add the hierarchy, it is sufficient to add the rank as written
on the thing, it is not difficult, you just have to copy.

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