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Agustin Rissoli aguztinqui at gmail.com
Thu Oct 10 03:26:07 UTC 2019

> this implies road markers must be present, right? Isn’t this mainly about the distance from some zero point, even in the absence of road distance markers?
> No, many times there are no marks, for me it does not have to be implicit

I would not invent myself these numbers, I would copy them from
> the gate where they have been put by the owner or municipality (regardless
> of actual distances or even if they are in slight contradiction with nearby
> road markers, as I have seen occur). If nothing is signposted, I would
> rather map the road markers nearby (if any).
> agree, many times these addresses are calculated by the same owner

Somebody remarked earlier in the thread that there are places in the US
> where the distances are
> used as house numbers.  I think the duck test applies.  It doesn't matter
> if a house number is
> assigned sequentially, or is based upon distance from some specified point,
> or is based upon
> some mad king throwing darts at a map: if it looks like a house number, is
> treated like a house
> number, and appears on the house/gate/whatever as a house number, then it's
> a house number.
> House numbers don't have to be sequential or monotonic, I can think of a
> couple of roads in my
> town where the house numbers are counter-intuitive.  So it doesn't matter
> if those house numbers
> were assigned based on a distance along a road, and that subsequent road
> remodelling has
> resulted in them all being inaccurate without a milepost equation: if it
> quacks like a house
> number then it's a house number.
> If they're not house numbers marked somewhere on the property, and if there
> are sometimes
> (as the OP has stated) missing markers, and if road remodelling has
> rendered the distances
> incorrect, then what good is addr:road_marker in those particular
> circumstances?
> It appears addr:road_marker is only really applicable where all of the
> following apply:
> 1: The number is not marked on the property (otherwise it's a house number,
> however
> derived).
> 2) Road remodelling has not significantly changed the distances between the
> property
> and the two nearest road markers (so you know it's somewhere between marker
> X and
> marker Y).
> 3) Road markers have not been recalibrated following extensive road
> remodelling.
> --
> Paul
> In Argentina it is common to have addresses with house number, street
name, and also address per km., For example Avenida San Martín 5440, Ruta 9
km 60.5
It is often used on routes that cross small towns and suburban areas. I
also saw the same thing in Uruguay, where I got to see addresses with
street name, lot number, km number of the route without house number (the
number of km belongs to the route and not the street numbering )

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