[Tagging] Tagging specialized head lice removal salons

Lisbeth Salander lisbeths at gmx.us
Wed Aug 12 21:52:16 UTC 2020

All good ideas except beauty=*, I'm sorry. That recommendation makes
sense in most cases, but if head lice was a beauty treatment we wouldn't
need clinics for detecting head lice in the first place hahaha.

healthcare=clinic + healthcare:specialty=head_lice_removal would work,
but these salons aren't expected to offer medical services. Maybe
healthcare=head_lice_removal would be more succinct?

As a bonus, that tag works both on its own and for hairdressers
(shop=hairdresser + healthcare=head_lice_removal). Map renderers should
ensure a consistent ruling to decide on an icon, but it would simplify
greatly both edits and queries.

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