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In Afghanistan, there are continuous highways that have roundabouts as junctions.  The roundabouts, also have the same Ref because they are part of the continuous highway.  For an example check ref=NH0101 ref=NH0102 ref=NH0103 or ref=NH0104

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> >> I would expect roundabout to be split in parts where
> >> ref is applying and parts where it is not applying, in other words
> >> without any special handling and tag it as usual.
> >>
> >
> > But the point is that on a roundabout the "name" references the name
> > of the _roundabout_ not one of the streets connected to it. 
> >
> Yes
> > Same should apply to ref as it will reference the Roundabout
> why?
> 1. How do you tag a reference number for a roundabout when suddenly
> the ref contains a ref of one of the streets?
> Can you give example of roundabout with its reference number?
> For now it feels like a theorethical excercise.
> I never considered such case as I have never encountered or
> heard about junction with its ref.
> But there are named junctions, and I would look there for inspiration.
> 2. Inconsistency - Some informations on the roundabout contain
> informations about itself, and some are just copied over from 
> attached streets.
> So it is about case where road has its own reference number
> and junction has its own reference number, separate from
> reference number of road routes?
> Yes - We should be consistent that an object carries informations about
> itself and ONLY itself and not carry on some information of related
> objects. To glue objects together or describe their relation 
> we typically use relations. We do this in Germany a lot - So primary
> roads typically have relations carrying all road segments including
> the roundabout. 
> In Poland road route continues through roaundabout and roaundabout way
> is part of such route.
> Correct - In Germany - at least for "Straßen NRW" thats the same. The
> road surface of the roundabout is part of the Road through it. But
> nevertheless - OSM has had a different Data Model to address/reference
> roundabouts itself to be able to do landmark routing e.g
> "Take 1st exit at the Hampstead Roundabout, then take the 2nd exit at
> the Foobar Roundabout".
> For this to work you have to put the information about the roundabout
> itself somewhere. This has been documented for ages to be the
> way carrying the junction=roundabout which has a name tag on its own.
> So using ref on the roundabout for either the road, or a reference
> of the roundabout breaks the assumptions that informations on the
> junction=roundabout only refer to the roundabout. With this concept
> it may sometimes refer to one or more roads which are connected to the
> roundabout. This basically makes the information useless.
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