[Tagging] nomoj de internaciaj objektoj / nazwy obiektów międzynarodowych / names of international objects

marc marc marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 6 00:59:52 UTC 2020

Le 06.01.20 à 01:28, Tomek a écrit :
> W dniu 20-01-06 o 00:24, marc marc pisze:
>> are you planning a mechanical edit ?
> NE, mi volas redakti ĉiun punkton aparte.

editing one by one, doesn't solve the the mechanical issue,
mechanical isn't about the size of the changeset,
it's about the "select objects by a query (for ex all sea in this area)
without a review/local knowledge.

> W dniu 20-01-06 o 00:24, marc marc pisze:
>> A more pragmatic solution would be to propose that each of these objects
>> have a name either in the most common language of that place, or in the
>> languages of that place or in a neutral language for example an
>> artificial language such as Esperanto.
> La problemo estas, ke ne eblas difini lingvon de ekzemple Balta Maro

really ? reading wikipedia for 2 min, I have a less chaotic vision
the current name is used extensively, including by a neighboring Baltic
the article gives 2 other names used by 2 other neighboring countries.
the name tag of a multilingual zone must not contain 9 versions.

previous revert does not state on your arguments, it was done because
you are doing mass editions without following the rules that have been
written to avoid edit wars when 2 people have a different opinion.
it's sad to see that you've started again a few days ago.

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