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Here is the continuation:

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> Just to illustrate the problem, try find this address on OSM:
> 13, Via Aeroporto, Orio al Serio, Italy
> You get some ten results most of them with the correct address.
> Then try to find "Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport" and check the address.
> It's the one above.
> Than try to route to the Airport, say with OSRM.
> OSRM tries to route you somewhere in the middle of the airport area, but
> luckily realizes that there is a fence, and stops there (by pure chance not
> far away form the real entrance BTW
> Now coming to the analysis above.
> Very precise and clear.
> Every jurisdiction may have a different definition of what an address is.
> In my specific case the Italian address definition, i.e. the entrance to
> the building from the public road/footway network, or part of building with
> that address, seems to be very precise, and is the one which the
> authorities need to know when they want you (for whatever reason).
> Now let's go to Big G to find "Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport". They find
> the same address and place the pointer in the middle of the grass near the
> runways. Similar to OSM. They are better than OSRM when it comes to
> routing. The Route stops in the short term car-park near the entrance and
> shows yo how to reach on foot the passenger entrance.
> Not enough.
> I checked the address of the aiport for their web site.
> <https://www.milanbergamoairport.it/en/>
> surprise, surprise, it's different:
> Milan Bergamo Airport

> Via Orio al Serio 49/51
> 24050 Grassobbio (BG) Italia
Gmaps finds this and puts the pointer to the same place on the grass in the
airfield, put the routing goes to a different point, further away from the
drop off parking.
I could not test this address with OSM, because it was "not recognised".

(my conclusion follows in a separate mail)
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