[Tagging] How to tag Landscaping tarpaper / weedblocking paper

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Thu Jan 16 22:10:03 UTC 2020

16 Jan 2020, 21:21 by kevin.b.kenny at gmail.com:

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>> So what would be a good surface=* be for it? Tarpaper sounds too close to the roofing material, which could cause confusion.
> I use one grade of the stuff for weed control in my vegetable garden,
> while another underlies the brickwork on some walkways near my house.
> These materials are typically not paper, nor plastic film, but rather
> some sort of woven or felted material (Tyvek, for instance, is a felt
> made of polyethylene fibres). All of them are commonly sold around
> here as 'landscaping fabric'; perhaps `surface=fabric` might be a
> suitable tag?
maybe surface=landscaping_fabric or =landscape_fabric ?

Wikipedia has stub under the second title
not sure which name is better
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