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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Jan 22 07:22:56 UTC 2020


On 17.01.20 07:37, European Water Project wrote:
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Free_Water

My opinion on this is:

1. It is not something that should be mapped in OSM at all; this is a
volatile property like mapping menu items for a restaurant or product
offers for a supermarket and may change at any time.

2. Even if we wanted to map this property, insofar as a whole chain has
been signed up ("all XYZ outlets in ABC country offer free water"), it
is wasteful to add the tag to every single outlet and it should just be
recorded centrally (i.e. an app displaying free water options should
simply highlight all outlets with operator=X or brand=X).

3. When we're talking about non-chain restaurants, the decision whether
a random traveller will be offered a free refill for their water bottle
can very well depend on the day of week, how politely the traveller
asks, or how busy the place is - just because you've been given free
water doesn't mean you should claim everybody gets it every time.

4. Even if all of the above were ignored, I think "free=yes" is too
limited, and would concur with those who have suggested a "fee=no"
approach, because if you are charged a dollar for your refill you can
simply put "fee=$1".


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