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You can consider using BCP 47 extension T as language tag in OpenStreetMap
follow BCP 47 practice. The extension T is for denoting content that have
been transformed from one language into another, so if you write fr-t-frm
then it would denote the content is transformed fron Middle French
(15th-17th century) to Modern French (with frm being the ISO 639 code for
Middle French, and thus you can write name:fr-t-frm=X into the object. You
can read the BCP47 original document for more information.

在 2020年1月24日週五 05:51,marc marc <marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com> 寫道:

> Hello,
> some words in the name of some street is not understood by some people.
> these are often old notations, sometimes borrowed from another language
> but used in the official language to name this street.
> street sign have those "one-name-but-in-mixed-language" and only that.
> a contributor spends time trying to find the meaning of these words and
> replaces the name with a modern version, absent both from the ground and
> from use, in favour of a name that is the one that could have been
> written if this street had been created today.
> it's a bit as if this contributor added to Big Ben name:fr="Grand Ben"
> or "Nouveau York" for "New York"
> it's obviously wrong. but how could we keep track of the meanings
> of the words from the old days?
> I thinking about a kind of tag name:fr-modern-not-used or a kind of
> name:etymology but which does not inform a person but an object, a
> building, a profession, ...
> Any ideas?
> Regards,
> Marc
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