[Tagging] From the Australian fires (still burning unfortunately) how to map burnt areas

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Sun Jan 26 22:25:47 UTC 2020


I have come across a German mapper who has used 'landuse=brownfield' to 
map some recently burnt areas in Australia.

I know this is not appropriate as it is not a land use, nor does it meet 
the OSM meaning of 'brownfield' in all situations.

Note: this is done in areas, no matter if it is a farm field, recreation 
ground, residential areas etc.

Tagging buildings and other OSM features is easy where they are wholly 
burnt using the life cycle tagging.

Should this data be entered in OSM?

Are flooded damaged areas mapped? Earthquake damaged areas?

If entered how should they be tagged?

The keys 'landuse', 'landcover', 'natural' don't look usable to me.

It may not be possible to use a sub key as the burnt areas do not 
conform to the presently mapped features.

If mapped then the tagging should be inclusive of other disasters 
(natural or not).


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