[Tagging] Is there any case of valid numeric addr:housename - for example addr:housename?

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Wed Jul 1 10:53:36 UTC 2020

On Wed, 1 Jul 2020 at 03:35, Warin <61sundowner at gmail.com> wrote:

> Highly likely these are errors. However it is not impossible that a number
> could be used as a house name.
Not impossible.   But very unlikely.  In the UK, you're meant to get your
house name approved by the local authority (county council or unitary
council, in most cases) and that is very unlikely to be approved.  Of
course, most people in the UK don't know that and just stick up a
house name or change an existing one without approval.  Other
jurisdictions may not require approval.

Even so, how would one tell if "39" displayed on a house is intended to be
a name rather than a number?  One way, I suppose, would be if a house
displayed both an in-sequence number and a different number, but maybe
the house has been split up into two dwellings and one given a new
number.  But in that case it would be nore likely that 6 would be split
into 6 and 6A, or into 6A and 6B, than into 6 and 39.

I once mapped a building with "Number 39" displayed on it in very big
letters.  The houses adjacent to it were 38 and 40.  It was an office of
some sort.  A bit of digging indicated it might be the office of a
company providing probation services, so "Number 39" was probably
intended to prevent people being embarrassed by being seen
entering a probation office whilst making it very clear to those
attending for the first time that this was the building they were looking

It's barely possible the number on a building could be a house name.  Some
madcap owner deciding to confuse people.  Or some business like 3 Mobile
(UK cellphone network) using "3" as both the business name and the building
name, although I'd expect something like "3 House" in that case.

My opinion is treat it as an error.  In the few cases (if any) that
the number really is the house name, then it's the owner's problem
for choosing a stupid name.

I shall now apply to my council to name my house "This is not a house

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