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> > > > I cannot deny the possibility, but I have never seen a takeaway
> > > > kebab shop with seats for queuing customers. 
> > > 
> > > typical configuration in such places around here is a board
> > > (“table”)
> > > attached to the wall and bar stools. You can use it while waiting
> > > but
> > > also to eat if you want. 
> > 
> > example pic with limited outdoor and indoor seating, typical
> > situation:
> > 
> > I've never seen anything like that with a takeaway.  Cafes, yes. 
> > Seats
> > outside used when it's sunny, seats inside used when it's raining. 
> > Not
> > any takeway that I recall.
> It's interesting to find the difference of the food shops between
> different nations, I'm surprised that seats for the takeaway queue is
> not common in your place. Let me introduce the Taiwanese fried
> chicken shop.
I would have said that somewhere to sit in take-aways for waiting
customers is the norm, it may be a simple bench or in my local fish and
chip shop there is a window sill that people sit on. Places where you
have to stand are in the minority.

Chinese takeaways usually have seats to wait at and they don't mind if
you eat there providing you clear up.

Often a kebab shop will have a table you can sit and eat at and you are
expected to clear up when you leave.

The key thing is that takeaways will not have customer toilets which
are required by law in cafes, pubs and resturaunts. 

Phil (trigpoint)
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