[Tagging] How to map terrace buildings with names

Skyler Hawthorne osm at dead10ck.com
Tue Jul 7 19:24:37 UTC 2020

On Tue, 2020-07-07 at 19:48 +0200, Mateusz Konieczny via Tagging wrote:
> It seems that "terrace buildings" is used to describe both collection
> of individual buildings
> and to large building, so maybe both tagging methods are applicable.
> So far all cases that I found are better described as set of
> individual similar buildings
> Can you share/link photo with your case where single building is a
> better tagging?

Sure thing, it's here: 

A survey confirmed that they are large buildings with individual units,
rather than just a series of attached, separate homes. I did not take
photos, as I am not comfortable taking pictures of peoples' homes, but
you can see clearly from the aerial photos that the one building that
had finished construction at the time the photo was taken shows it as
one big building.

> In general - editing wiki is OK without special discussion (except
> clearly controversial cases),
> but reverting such changes is also OK.
> Discussion may happen both before any edit or start after edit
> (either in "can someone look
> at edit that I just made and review it" or where someone disagrees
> with edit and 
> editors want to get more feedback).

Awesome, thanks for the response! I'll wait a bit to give more people a
chance to chime in, but the more I think about it, the more I think
that mapping large terrace buildings like this as building=terrace and
mapping each individual home as building:part=house makes the most
sense for cases like this, especially when the building as a whole has
some properties that apply to all the buildings, such as names, but
also levels, height, etc. I've personally seen other large complexes
that consist of large buildings with several housing units, and each of
the buildings are named with something like "Building A", "Building B",

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