[Tagging] Map maintenance with StreetComplete - Preferred tagging

Tobias Zwick osm at westnordost.de
Sat Jul 25 14:04:07 UTC 2020


> Secondly, I think having to evaluate the history is a challenge. But do
> you have to? 

No, I don't have to, thanks to such tags as check_date. But then again,
check_date, survey:date etc. only came to be invented because API
support was missing. It would be better to have somthing like that in
the API itself. I would welcome it.

> In comparable cases (non-OSM, but comparible checking schemes), I do not
> record the date it has been checked, I record the future date when it
> should be checked (again).

Interesting approach, but what tag do you use for that? It sounds like
you use check_date for that, but check_date is documented as "The tag is
intended to document the last date, when an object as a whole or
specific tags of the object were checked and verified".


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