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Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Thu Jul 30 14:15:38 UTC 2020

Am Do., 30. Juli 2020 um 13:16 Uhr schrieb ael <witwall3 at disroot.org>:

> Only because, as you say, the source tag is misused. I admit that
> extending tags is not very widely done,

like it or not, this is what makes the whole concept dysfunctional in
practise. Maybe it's time to change habits ;-)

> and some people seem to have
> trouble parsing ";" which I use as a separator. But my tags generally
> look like source=first;second;... when appropriate. I only delete
> sections of the source when the original corresponding data has been
> completely revised. That is quite common in the UK where some origianl
> rough & ready mapping was done from old maps (NPR, etc). When that has
> been completely reworked, then the original source=NPR; component can
> be deleted.

It is not done. These tags linger there for ever and ever. Have a look at
this: https://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/tags/source=PGS#map
My bet is that most or at least a big fraction of these have been
significantly modified since they have been imported in the beginning of

> > There’s a reason why source tags on objects are discouraged. To make
> sense of them you have to dig into the object history anyway. Too many
> people just keep/ignore the source tags regardless of their own edits.
> Surely it is better to educate people who perhaps don't realise how to
> extend or modify tags?

I would like to reiterate: There’s a reason why source tags on objects are
discouraged. Sources always belong to edits, the objects are a sum of all

Amended source-tags can be even worse. At least I know what source=Bing was
supposed to mean at the time of creation, but what does source=Bing;Mapbox
tell me?
The aerial imagery also changes, if something was traced from Bing in 2012,
the information about it does not help me in any way (not that it was Bing,
that it was 2012 of course can be useful information)

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