[Tagging] Meaning of "administrative" in boundary=administrative, in your country?

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On Sun, May 31, 2020 at 5:50 PM Kevin Kenny <kevin.b.kenny at gmail.com> wrote:

> I don't map special-purpose administrative districts, of which New
> York has a whole menagerie. I don't object if others do, but don't try
> to fit them into the boundary=administrative hierarchy.  They don't
> go. In New York, the admin_levels are as tabulated on the Wiki: 2=US
> 4=NY 5=New York City (don't ask!) 6=county
> *7=city, town, Indian Reservation* 8=village, hamlet (outside cities),
> ward, district,
> precinct, community board (in cities). There are only a few ways in
> which this scheme breaks hierarchy (New York City, one other city that
> has annexed across a county line, a chartered city that has in
> practice reverted to being a village, and about 15% of villages are in
> two or more towns.). If things like school, library, police, fire,
> water, sewer, or sanitation districts were to be included, the
> hierarchy would be broken all over the place. And that only scratches
> the surface of special-purpose administrative districts. As I said, go
> ahead and map them, but don't try to make admin_level fit.
This is a little off topic for the discussion on administrative boundaries
Indian reservations boundaries should be mapped as
boundary=aboriginal_lands instead of an admin level. See

I've added a number of reservations, mostly in my state of Washington. I
suspect there are a good number of unmapped reservations in the US.

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