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Dear Janko,

I have been dialoging with Christopher Beddow, Edoardo Neerhut, and Fredrik
Glans at Mapillary over the past couple of months. While all three of them
have shown enthusiasm, single-snap images are just not a priority at this
point for Mapillary.

Yes, I confirm - nearby images whether mapillary, flickr or wikimedia
commons are rarely of any use. Also, image quality for our purpose has much
more to do with image cropping and lighting than the number of pixels in
the image.

For the European Water Project we have integrated into our Progressive Web
Application the ability to allow our users to take images of the drinking
fountains and cafés (osm nodes & closed ways) already displayed in our
app.  We use the mobile camera webrtc, add the mobile phone exif data, and
then store the images on our server.  Our goal is to move all our images to
wikimedia commons.

Here is a video of how the image capture works.


here is a sample of some of the images taken with our app

Best regards,


On Thu, 4 Jun 2020 at 16:25, Janko Mihelić <janjko at gmail.com> wrote:

> Is it really necessary? "give image for location [lat, lon] from direction
>> X" seems a
>> basic functionality for service like Mapillary.
> I almost never found a photo of something I was looking for with OsmAnd's
> "close by Mapillary photos". I think Osmand only takes Mapillary photos x
> meters from the subject. The compass and gps  inside mobile phones aren't
> good enough for this to work this easily. Directions of photos are often
> wrong. Maybe if we wait some 5-10 years for neural networks to understand
> the surroundings, and decide which photos show the subject.
> And a second point is there are a lot of low quality photos, shot behind
> the dashboard, and others, shot specifically for that building, framing it
> just right, on a nice sunny day. I don't think there is going to be an
> algorithm that decides which photo is nicer.
> Janko
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