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On 15/6/20 10:26 pm, Paul Allen wrote:
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>     cable=yes/no/length seems like a great idea. It does however not
>     solve OPs problem that a cable is not a socket.
> However, a cable at a charging station will have a connector at the 
> free end.
> The cable does not end with bare wires.

I'd think one end of the cable is fixed to the charging station.

Specifying the connector needs to be done for ether a cable or a fixed 

> The question then is how to designate that connector.  Is it a plug or 
> a socket?
> The answer is not as clear as many think.  See
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrical_connector#Plug_and_socket_connectors
> Despite what the Wikipedia article says, the terminology isn't as 
> clear-cut as
> it implies and different industries have different, conflicting naming
> conventions.  Within a single industry different naming conventions may be
> applied to different styles of connectors.
> Some go by the contact type, with males contacts being plugs and female
> contacts being sockets, but hermaphroditic connectors and mixed-contact
> connectors complicate things.  Some go by fixed vs free, with fixed 
> connectors
> being jacks and free connectors being plugs, but by that convention a 
> standard
> power extension lead has two plugs, but one of those two plugs looks like
> a wall socket except it's not fixed to a wall.
> Where a coupling mechanism is involved, such as the coupling ring on
> a circular connector, some industries will refer to the connector with
> the coupling ring as a plug and the connector it mates with as a socket.
> The connector with the coupling ring is always free, the mating connector
> may be fixed or free.
> That's just scratching the surface.  Is the connector at the end of 
> the cable
> a plug or a jack or a socket or a free receptacle or something else?  
> It depends
> what the specification for that particular type of connector (such as
> Chademo) calls it.
> It's probably safer to tag the connector type (Chademo, etc.) and not try
> to decide whether it's a plug or socket or receptacle or jack.

What ever connector type it should be compatible with the car 
connector/cable jack/jill/plug/socket/male/female/etc. So I'd not worry 
about it until there is some problem somewhere that requires a tag, 
until then leave it off.

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