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>> On 28. Jun 2020, at 17:11, Paul Allen <pla16021 at gmail.com> wrote:
>  Some cafes in the UK lack table service.  Maybe somebody brings your
> order over after you've placed your order at the counter, maybe your order
> is announced when it is ready and you have to get it yourself, maybe
> you sit down and somebody asks what you want then brings it over
> when it is ready.

question is whether we distinguish these places by main type or by subtags. Is a self service restaurant a restaurant? Or maybe a fast food? Or a place on its own? 

Providing table service or not is a significant difference that gener  merits reflection in tagging (IMHO). It is an indication besides others (of course there will be some places that offer decent food in self service, and having table service is not a guarantee that the food will be ok, still it is some indication for the type of “restaurant” when there is no table service).

> Cafes sell more than coffee.  Cafes may have
> only one, rather inferior, brand of coffee.

maybe in Britain ;-)
Bad jokes aside, I recall a discussion on the local mailing list to tag coffee brands, and there are a handful examples in the db: https://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/search?q=brand%3DLavazza

> Add a craft=patisserie node. 

the scheme for craft is craft=profession so patisserie does not really make sense. 

I guess craft=pâtissier is not considered to be English?
My dictionary says craft=confectioner does this make sense?

Cheers Martin

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