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> On Tue, Jun 30, 2020 at 12:11 PM Martin Koppenhoefer

> almost everytime find someone who does not agree, and while I have read a
> lot of things from Paul that made sense in other contexts, in this
> particular discussion it appeared to me that he was sometimes giving
> interpretations of established tags that didn't find other supporting
> voices.

So it appears to me, too.  My mental taxonomy of what is and is not a cafe
clearly differs from that of other mappers in the UK.  For me the seating
is important.  It is usually the case that a place without seating will
normally sell fast food because people don't like standing in a queue for
20 minutes.  But I appear to be alone in thinking of McDonalds as a
cafe with a particular cuisine and limited menu (and bizarre lengths of
crispy potato instead of proper chips).

Approach it from the other direction.  Cafes in the US (called Diners there)
sell burgers, amongst other things.  A diner might have a menu very
similar to McDonalds.  Is that now a fast food joint rather than a cafe?
If so, what if it limits the menu in summer and has a more expanded one
in winter?

Things blur a lot in the real world and drawing lines is hard.  Especially
marketers insist on erasing them.  There is a chain of transport cafes in
the UK which describes them as "roadside restaurants."  Over the issue
of seating versus food speed, I appear to be alone.

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