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Paul Allen:
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>     On Tue, Jun 30, 2020 at 12:11 PM Martin Koppenhoefer
>     almost everytime find someone who does not agree, and while I have read a lot of
>     things from Paul that made sense in other contexts, in this particular discussion
>     it appeared to me that he was sometimes giving interpretations of established
>     tags that didn't find other supporting voices.
> So it appears to me, too.  My mental taxonomy of what is and is not a cafe
> clearly differs from that of other mappers in the UK. 

Well, here is a gourmet restaurant serving burgers:

>From the point of a user, when I am about driving with my wife and we want to stop
for a nice lunch, I search for cafes and restaurants somewhat nearby. If we drive 10
Km to end up at a McDonals-like place we will be disappointed.

If it is a gastropub selling burgers and french fries with a glass of wine or beer we
will be happy.

> For me the seating
> is important.  It is usually the case that a place without seating will
> normally sell fast food because people don't like standing in a queue for
> 20 minutes.  But I appear to be alone in thinking of McDonalds as a
> cafe with a particular cuisine and limited menu (and bizarre lengths of
> crispy potato instead of proper chips).
> Approach it from the other direction.  Cafes in the US (called Diners there)
> sell burgers, amongst other things.  A diner might have a menu very
> similar to McDonalds.  Is that now a fast food joint rather than a cafe?
> If so, what if it limits the menu in summer and has a more expanded one
> in winter?
> Things blur a lot in the real world and drawing lines is hard.  Especially when
> marketers insist on erasing them.  There is a chain of transport cafes in
> the UK which describes them as "roadside restaurants."  Over the issue
> of seating versus food speed, I appear to be alone.
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> Paul
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