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Tue Jun 30 21:39:03 UTC 2020

On Tue, 30 Jun 2020 at 20:13, Gábor Fekete <fekgabimr at gmail.com> wrote:

> It's about the main function. In an imagined daily routine (similarly to
> Bkil), coffeehouse (and cukrászda) is the place of some social life after
> or between meals. One can arrange a date with his/her (girl)friend, or even
> a meeting with a business partner for a short talk in a posh coffeehouse in
> a calm ambience (soft chillout music, porcelain tableware). It's not about
> the food or the coffee :)

So nobody would ever go to a cukrászda alone, just to eat the limited fare.
And nobody would ever have a romantic meeting at a McDonalds.  Except
that both of those happen.  Yeah, I know you said main function, but it's
blurred together, especially with the existing tags.  McDonalds calls itself
a fast food restaurant yet I get mocked because it occupies my mental
space for "cafe" and I think of "fast food" as a type of cuisine.

The discussions so far make things murkier.  At one moment bkil argues
that cukrászda sell only coffee and should be split off, and that sounds
sensible.  Then he says they sell cakes.  And sandwiches.  Which puts
them into that broad category in the wiki for amenity=cafe, which
encompasses anything from coffee shops to diners (but not if the
diners sell fast food, everyone assures me).

A cukrászda sounds almost like a UK coffee shop, which can be for
socializing/meeting but is also for people who feel a little hungry.  Except
places that start out as coffee shops in the UK usually end up selling more
substantial meals too.

It is a horrible mess.  Our tags, especially amenity=cafe, are a poor fit to
reality.  Retagging everything would be the only way to bring some sense to
But that will never happen. Maybe the best we can do is carve out something
coffee shops that can be applied to newly-mapped POIs and accept that the
is a mess.  Doing that might let this thread die down.

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