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As a result of the discussion, I have changed the name from "donation in kind" to "donation of goods". "donation of goods" is easier to understand and is more specific for a place you can give physical things as donation.

If there are no more comments, I will start voting in a few days.

Best regards
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Am Mi., 19. Feb. 2020 um 23:50 Uhr schrieb Joseph Eisenberg <joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com<mailto:joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com>>:
My concern is still that it might be hard to translate "donation in
kind" from English into some languages, and that people with limited
English vocabulary might not understand the phrase.

Automated translations by Google from "donation in kind" gets this:

I got the same with deepl.com<http://deepl.com> (for French, German, Spanish, Dutch)

German: "Sachspende"

is a precise and accurate term (no wonder, the OP has translated this to English).

Dutch: "donatie in natura" literally "donation in nature", from French?

French: "don en nature" - literally "gift in nature/kind" which seem
to be a phrase

So "donation in kind" will work for western European languages (and
Indonesian), though it would be nice if someone can check how it works
in Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, etc.

However, "donation of goods" works as well or better in most of these languages:

"Donation of goods" translates to:
= "sumbangan barang" (Indonesian)
= "donaciĆ³n de bienes" (Spanish)
= "don de biens" (French)
= "donatie van goederen" (Dutch)
= "Spende von Waren" (German)

no, "Spende von Waren" is not an established term, it doesn't sound natural (but would probably be understood anyway), the perfect term is "Sachspende". My guess is that also for the other languages, particularly Roman languagues with their reference to "nature", the established term is that and not the second alternative. No idea about Indonesian obviously ;)


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