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Mon Mar 2 18:54:46 UTC 2020

On 2/29/2020 3:43 AM, Markus Peloso wrote:

> I find amenity=give_box is different from amenity=food_sharing as a
> shop=general is different from shop=supermarket.
> In Switzerland if I go into a supermarket I found products of daily
> hygiene but the main thing is about shopping for food.
True, and the use of the word "pantry" on the free pantry I mentioned
tells me that it's primarily for food, so it should be fine to tag it as
a free pantry and use a description tag for other info. There doesn't
currently seem to be a better tag for a public pantry, so  I was
inclined to call it a give box -- but it's distinct enough that it could
get its own tag.
> The main thing by a give box is about sharing items. In the
> description I explicit excluded amenity=give_box + food=only because
> if you go to e give box you expect some items like clothes, small
> appliances, dishes, toys.
Based on the proposal it seems like there's quite a range, so you can't
know what a give box is for without checking additional tags. If this is
not true -- if there's a set list of things that every give box should
support -- then we'll end up needing other tags for bunch of new
features (eg for the free art box.)

> Does a free pantry have some social aspect? Like given food to
> underprivileged or homless people social_facility:for
> <https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/DE:Key:social_facility:for>=underprivileged,
> social_facility:for
> <https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/DE:Key:social_facility:for>=homeless,
> Based on the description on this website
> http://www.littlefreepantry.org/ I think the main thing is about
> sharing food and it is some kind of social service.
I think Joseph's point is well-taken that there's a scale problem with
using the word "facility" for a cupboard or fridge. It would be similar
to using "library" for a public bookcase. Doesn't mean that we couldn't
add eg "public_pantry:for=underprivileged" of course.

The distinction is complicated by the fact that "food pantry" is
sometimes used as a friendlier name for full-scale food bank facilities.
(There are also many shops and restaurants called "pantry" of course --
it's a common synecdoche.)

Here's where my head's landed:

Public bookcase - Primarily for free sharing of books, may (in my
experience) sometimes have other items like music or movies. Has its own
well-supported tag. Rendered as a roof over a book.

Free pantry - Primarily for free sharing of food, may include other
items such as personal hygiene products. Often has a "donate to those in
need" social service aspect, but this is not required. Probably deserves
its own tag. Maybe render it as a roof over a hamburger or apple.

Public refrigerator - A special case of free pantry, tag with

Give box (or whatever we end up naming it) - Catch-all for everything
that's not specified for books or food, although in some cases they may
include books or food. May have a social service aspect, but not
required. Will hopefully get its own tag. Maybe render it as a roof over
a gift box (shop=gift icon).


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