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European Water Project europeanwaterproject at gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 08:13:42 UTC 2020

Dear All,

I have been in contact with Stephanie Dick from Zero Bouteilles Plastique
(copied), based in Arles, France regarding tagging establishments in
OpenStreetMap offering water bottle refill for a small fee.   Stephanie is
also involved in Zero Waste France.

The rationale for including establishments in a refill network which
require a small payment is that they often need to add a cooling fountain
or a fountain which offers fizzy water. Also allowing a store owner to
charge for water refills is often the only way to get them to stop selling
plastic bottles.

I suggest adding an third key within the drinking_water:refill namespace,
"drinking_water:refill:fee=yes" for establishments which charge a small fee
for water bottle refills.

The requirement to have a sticker or a sign showing the inclusion in a
refill network or being an "independent" refiller is unchanged.

If a tag is agreed, on our App we plan to differentiate between free and
paying refill establishments using different colors.

An example image of a water fountain in blue and a cafe in orange.

Best regards,

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