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On 3/14/20 9:47 PM, Warin wrote:
> Hi,
> The present description of landuse=meadow is;
> An area of meadow or pasture: land primarily vegetated by grass and other non-woody plants, mainly used for hay or grazing.
> That places the land cover before the land use. The emphases should be on the land use, the land use should be first?
> Possibly a better description:
> An area of meadow or pasture: land primarily used to produce hay or for grazing of animals. Usually vegetated by grass and other non-woody plants.
> I am trying to get mappers not to use this for areas of grass land that could be more appropriatly tagged natural=grassland.
> Thoughts?
I disagree.  Perhaps a regional definition?  I think meadow is the land 
cover, pasture is the land use
This would match my definition:
Meadow:  "a field with grass and often wild flowers in it: "
"A meadow is a field which has grass and flowers growing in it. "

Locally, (Colorado, USA), we might call a grassy area high in the 
mountains an alpine meadow, and it may not have any domesticated animals 
grazing it.

On 3/14/20 11:46 PM, Warin wrote:
> On 15/3/20 4:36 pm, Joseph Eisenberg wrote:
>> The presence of mainly grass (or sedges, clover, other herbaceous
>> plants) is just as important as the presence of grazing or occasional
>> hay-cutting, to define a meadow or pasture.
> The grass is not there once cut, the remains are stubble. Hence the word 'usually' can be employed?
Minor point, but I think most grasses are perennial, so it's still there 
even if its cut.
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