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> I fully agree with Martin here. The place=* key is used in OSM to indicate
> that a particular
> location is known by a particular name, and that is independent of details
> of the usage.

Ummmmm, the name is everything?  So if it's named "Foo square" it's a
even if it's not a place for people to congregate and it's not square?
Take a look
at Finch's Square (aka Finch Square):
It's not square.  As rendered there appears to be more pedestrian space
than there
really is, it's basically roads with standard-size sidewalks. It's not a
place for
people to congregate and (possibly) have public functions, it's effectively
the town
bus station, as can be seen here: https://goo.gl/maps/UjG2pbgG1kRSBu1bA
I wouldn't use place=square on it, even though the name is "Finch's

> However OSM is more than rendering, it is about analysing the data. And
> when I ask e.g. Nominatim
> or Overpass where all the Squares in my town are, I wish them to be
> included by the place=square tag
> and not lose some where the place tag has been omitted just because they
> are filled with a park.

So how does a mapper know when to use place=square?  Because the geometry
is square?  They're not all perfect squares.  Because it has "Square" in
its name?
You can do a wildcard search in overpass for that, you don't need a
place=square (but you'll also get the bus station above).  Or are we
talking about
a place where the public congregate? In which case we don't need
for a park (even if its shape is square) but we do need it for a paved
pedestrian area
that is effectively a public square, whatever the shape and whatever the

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