[Tagging] Updating definition and description of place=square

ael witwall3 at disroot.org
Sat Mar 28 11:45:46 UTC 2020

On Fri, Mar 27, 2020 at 10:58:00PM +0100, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
> to give an example of an object which I would call a square (maybe not in English): https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=18/51.50997/-0.13430
> Piccadilly Circus (note the different word).
> Is this a town square for British people? I notice the English WP seems to avoid the word square (although it then calls it a plaza), while both, Italian and German, have the word piazza / Platz in the subtitle.

As a native who once lived on the south margins of London, I have never
heard anyone refer to it as a square. I would certainly find such a
description bizarre. But then I wouldn't naturally call it a plaza


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