[Tagging] Route names that aren’t names

Peter Neale nealepb at yahoo.co.uk
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Like Dave, I am not sure that I see a huge issue with a name and a reference duplicating each other (or at least overlapping).
Names and References are essentially doing the same job; they identify "things"; they are proper nouns.
We probably expect a name to be a word (or words) and a reference to be an alphanumeric string that is not a word (or words), but that is not always the case.  That big mountain is called "K2"; that is its name. Clearly, there are many cases where name and reference are different and are both required - e.g.Name: Watling Street; Ref: A5.  (Mind you, perhaps "A5" should be the name of a route relation, which includes a stretch of road called "Watling Street", so that may be a poor example) 
In other cases names may include words and numbers (e.g. I don't think that National Cycle Network Route 51 has any other name).  One could then say that "NCN 51" is an abbreviated name and not a reference.  AFAIK, there is not an accepted tag for an abbreviated name,  so (I assume) mappers have used the ref= tag for this (after all it looks like a reference), which gives us:  name=National Cycle Network Route 51; ref=NCN 51.  
Is that really a problem?

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>>On 28/03/2020 18:18, Richard Fairhurst wrote:
>> Hello folks,
>> Route relation names aren’t in a great state, are they?
>> Let’s say that I want to render cycle route names on a map (because, well, I do). I zoom in on a way along the East Coast of Britain and I find it’s a member of this route:
>>  name=NCN National Route 1
>> Hm, ok. That’s not the name of the route, it’s a duplication of the ref (and network)

><scratches head>
>I'm not sure I'm seeing the problem. What /is/ the "actual" name for UK 
>cycle routes?
>NCN 4 is named as National Cycle Network Route 4 as that's what Sustran 
>call it.
>I'm not convinced names & refs *have* to be mutually exclusive.


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