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> Like Dave, I am not sure that I see a huge issue with a name and a
> reference duplicating each other (or at least overlapping).
> Names and References are essentially doing the same job; they identify
> "things"; they are proper nouns.
> We probably expect a name to be a word (or words) and a reference to be an
> alphanumeric string that is not a word (or words), but that is not always
> the case.  That big mountain is called "K2"; that is its name.
> Clearly, there are many cases where name and reference are different and
> are both required - e.g.Name: Watling Street; Ref: A5.  (Mind you,
> perhaps "A5" should be the name of a route relation, which includes a
> stretch of road called "Watling Street", so that may be a poor example)

A better example would be areas that have both "state highways" and "state
routes" as unique concepts.  Like for example, in Oregon, every last road
in the state highway inventory has a ref.  All of them.  Not all of them
are part of state routes, however.  Top of the head example would be
Interstate Avenue in Portland, which is part of State Highway 1W but no
longer part of 99W (longtimers will remember this and generally use
Interstate as if it were 99W though).  But the highway number belongs to
the road, not the route.  Pennsylvania has something similar going on,
particularly with the 4-digit state highways.

Moving all, and I do mean *all*, tags that belong to the route to a route
relation would be the best way to model this (and one of the things that
was being tossed around back when I joined in the prep for API 0.5).

In other cases names may include words and numbers (e.g. I don't think that
> National Cycle Network Route 51 has any other name).  One could then say
> that "NCN 51" is an abbreviated name and not a reference.  AFAIK, there is
> not an accepted tag for an abbreviated name,  so (I assume) mappers have
> used the ref= tag for this (after all it looks like a reference), which
> gives us:  name=National Cycle Network Route 51; ref=NCN 51.


Route relations really are that easy.
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