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Lukas Richert lrichert at posteo.de
Sat Nov 14 17:20:59 UTC 2020

Hi Steve,

I've been thinking more about this and I think the subkeys grid, 
generator and battery should cover any conceivable method (for now!) to 
acquire electricity. So a *grid* is any collection of multiple 
generators/batteries/substations/transformers, a *generator* is a device 
that locally produces electricity and a *battery* (either chemical or 
mechanical) is something that locally stores energy for later usage.

The possible values for any of these subkeys is then yes/backup/no (i.e. 
electricity:battery=no), where *yes *means the device/grid is always 
connected and it is usually (daily?) used. The term *backup* then means 
that the device is only used when the usual device reaches its capacity 
or fails, so it is not always on/connected. The type of backup, be it 
UPS or stand-by, and the length of time that it can keep systems running 
could then also be tagged. To specify exactly which devices are kept 
running it might then be useful to have a relation-tagging scheme for 
circuits but I think this would be outside the scope of the electricity 
tag which should only note the presence of the systems in a 
building/amenity. This could then be a flag for e.g. firemen. The term 
*no* would then just mean that the specified building amenity does not 
have a grid/generator/battery. If it's unknown, it should be left untagged.

I think this should completely cover all cases of buildings having 
electricity? and the specific tagging for backup systems could then be 
discussed separately. And if a new method of acquiring electricity is 
introduced (wireless charging?) it could be easily added to the current 



On 12.11.20 02:15, Lukas Richert wrote:
> If it's unclear I would just leave electricity:grid untagged as 
> there's no way to know if it's yes or no (another advantage of the 
> namespace tagging). In some areas, I think one could relatively safely 
> assume that if all other houses are connected to the grid, that one 
> likely is too. However,  Tagging the presence of a generator is 
> definitely easier to see and would be more important for firefighters 
> to know (islanding).
> Mostly I would probably say that the vast majority of private houses 
> probably don't need to be tagged in this detail and it definitely is 
> they type of information I've seen advertised at hotels and camp sites 
> where one wouldn't have to get all creepy to figure it out.
> Also, if I understood https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_inverter 
> correctly, all of the different inverter types you mentioned are, one 
> way or another, connected to the grid. That might be another level of 
> detail one wants to map, but doesn't need to be worked into 
> electrical:grid I think? (I don't own either solar panels or a house 
> that they could go on though, so I'm not completely informed on this 
> topic!)
> Luke
> On 12.11.20 01:59, stevea wrote:
>> That IS what I mean.  However, STILL left unsaid is that short of 
>> ringing the doorbell and asking the home / business owner "are your 
>> solar panels grid-tied, battery-feed, directly converted to an 
>> inverter...?" you don't really know.
>> How will you tag those buildings?  (I feel a nose sniffing up my, um, 
>> house).  Really, there isn't any way to know, without getting creepy 
>> - snoopy.
>> SteveA
>>> On Nov 11, 2020, at 3:45 PM, Lukas Richert <lrichert at posteo.de> wrote:
>>> If I understood you correctly, this would fall under grid-connected 
>>> houses that I mentioned in the last example. This was the specific 
>>> reason why I think namespace tagging seems to be clearer. The house 
>>> would then be tagged with:
>>> building=house
>>> electricity=yes
>>> electricity:generator=yes
>>> electricity:grid=yes
>>> electricity:generator:origin=solar
>>> electricity:access=no
>>> By tagging both electricity:grid=yes and electricity:generator=yes 
>>> this specifies that the building is connected to both and both are 
>>> routinely used. In contrast, it would also be possible to tag 
>>> electricity:generator=backup if the generator is only on when the 
>>> grid fails.
>>> Is this what you meant by grid-tie?
>>> Regards, Luke
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