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Peter Elderson pelderson at gmail.com
Sun Sep 27 17:55:25 UTC 2020

Funeral viewing room sounds like a room where you can view the funeral. I suspect modern ones have very large screens and nice sound effects.

Mvg Peter Elderson

> Op 27 sep. 2020 om 19:39 heeft wolle68 at posteo.de het volgende geschreven:
> "In any case, the proposer seems to feel that chapel of rest
> should be used only for dedicated buildings and a different
> tag should be added to indicate a funeral director's with a
> viewing room."
> The proposer feels that a subtag should be used for a funeral director's with a viewing room. But the proposer's preference goes to using the same term for the amenity tag and for the subtag (examples given in the proposal).
> At the same time, may I ask for comments on "funeral viewing rooms"? Apart from its length, it only seems to have advantages.
> Am 27.09.2020 13:55 schrieb Paul Allen:
>> On Sun, 27 Sep 2020 at 10:02, Michael Patrick <geodesy99 at gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>>>>>> From: Paul Allen <pla16021 at gmail.com>
>>>>> Problem 1. "Viewing Service" is the name of a process, not the
>>>> name
>>>>> of the building or room it takes place in. "Turn left after
>>>> the Viewing
>>>>> Service" > makes no sense, any more than "Turn right after the
>>>> prayer" as an alternative to "Turn right after the church."
>>> Mmmm .... I agree, that's my point. 'Chapel of Rest' isn't a place,
>>> at best it
>>> sometimes might be a dedicated room in a funeral establishment.
>>> Apparently,
>>> it is not infrequently the showroom for caskets if a larger
>>> attendance needs to
>>> be accommodated.
>> It may be as you state it in some cases.  It is not true of all.
>> Here's
>> one where the chapel of rest is a building solely for that purpose:
>> https://www.colinphillipsfunerals.com/our-services/private-chapel/ [6]
>> That does not serve any other purpose.  It is not his offices or
>> showroom.  I know of another one like that a few miles from it.
>> Also, a chapel, even in the religious sense, is not necessarily a
>> separate building.  It originally referred to a small room within
>> a church with its own altar, or a room with an alta in a
>> non-religious building.
>> In any case, the proposer seems to feel that chapel of rest
>> should be used only for dedicated buildings and a different
>> tag should be added to indicate a funeral director's with a
>> viewing room.
>>>>> Problem 2. "Viewing service" implies some sort of formalized
>>>> event,
>>>>> probably religious with a speaker delivering a eulogy. A
>>>> Chapel of
>>>>> Rest is for looking at a dead body, with no formal ceremony.
>>>> Possibly
>>>>> in complete silence. Possible with only one live person in the
>>>> room.
>>>>> Contrast this with a religious service, which has prayers,
>>>> hymns,
>>>>> a sermon, bouts of kneeling, etc.
>>> Connotation of 'service' as in 'floral service', embalming service',
>>> 'cremation service' or otherwise business task / activity like
>>> 'automotive repair service', rather than the religious service
>>> denotation like a mass.
>> I wouldn't expect a religious service at a florist or a car mechanic.
>> When it comes
>> to funerals, however...
>>> From the US Federal Trade Checklist at
>> https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0301-funeral-costs-and-pricing-checklist
>>> [1]
>>> Visitation/viewing — staff and facilities __________
>>> Funeral or memorial service — staff and facilities __________
>>> Graveside service, including staff and equipment __________
>> That's nice.  But it's not British English.  You can, however, use it
>> to argue that editor translations for US English should use visitation
>> for the preset name.
>>> UK funeral industry shows both 'Chapel of Rest', or that term with
>>> visitation / viewing, some just have 'venue rental'. CoR is fairly
>>> typical.
>> Precisely.  CoR seems to be the commonest term for it.  And less
>> ambiguous than "visitation" (people visit patients in hospitals) or
>> "viewing" (people view paintings in art galleries).
>>>>> Problem 3. I've not encountered that term as a synonym for a
>>>> chapel of
>>>>> rest. But I've not looked very hard. Citation needed.
>>> https://funeralresources.com/resources/viewing-and-visitation-costs/
>>> [2]
>>> https://funerals.org/?consumers=read-funeral-home-price-list/ [3]
>>> https://www.thefuneralsite.com/ResourceCenters/Costs/How_much.html
>>> [4]
>> The first two are in the US.  The third gives me a "problem loading
>> page"
>> error.
>>> ... and hundreds more. Canada seems to be similar to the US.
>> None of which are renowned for using British English.  Again, this is
>> for editor preset translations.
>>> Viewing / Visitation seem to translate well
>> https://www.floridafuneralhome.com/Content/Media/FloridaFuneralHomeAndCrematory/Spa%20-%20Crem%20w%20View%202018-07-01.pdf
>>> [5]
>>> زيارة مشاهدة الجنازة ( Arabic ) goes to 'Funeral
>>> watch visit', i.e. it survives round trips through google Translate.
>> Not pertinent.  The general policy is tags use British English.  There
>> is no
>> requirement that they survive round trips through google translate.
>> --
>> Paul
>> Links:
>> ------
>> [1]
>> https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0301-funeral-costs-and-pricing-checklist
>> [2] https://funeralresources.com/resources/viewing-and-visitation-costs/
>> [3] https://funerals.org/?consumers=read-funeral-home-price-list/
>> [4] https://www.thefuneralsite.com/ResourceCenters/Costs/How_much.html
>> [5]
>> https://www.floridafuneralhome.com/Content/Media/FloridaFuneralHomeAndCrematory/Spa%20-%20Crem%20w%20View%202018-07-01.pdf
>> [6] https://www.colinphillipsfunerals.com/our-services/private-chapel/
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