[Tagging] railway=preserved vs. railway:preserved=yes

Kai Michael Poppe - OSM osm at poppe.dev
Mon Apr 5 06:35:09 UTC 2021

Good morning everyone!

Whilst looking at an old railway line around my place I searched the wiki for "heritage railway", stumbled upon https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:railway%3Dpreserved, more specifically the "Alternatived to railway=preserved" section. That section talks about railway:preserved=yes being the favourable way to tag heritage railways, so that OpenRailwayMap gets their rendering fine.

The sections says this: "As of mid-2019, railway=preserved is still twice as common as railway:preserved=*, but the latter tag is increasing faster." - well now in 2021 railway:preserved=yes overtook railway=preserved (~9k vs. ~8k usages) and I was wondering whether it would be in order to re-word that section to be a little more direct about railway:preserved being the favourite way of tagging heritage railways.

Thanks for your input!


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