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Am Di., 27. Apr. 2021 um 22:01 Uhr schrieb Bert -Araali- Van Opstal <
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> If you mean the keys winter_road and/or ice_road, I find those hardly
> helpfull to describe the road conditions and how feasible it is to use
> these for different road users.
> To some extend an attempt was made to resolve the issue with tracktype,
> like in AUstralia and 4WD drive tagging.  However these refer to vehicle
> types to describe how they can be used, doesn't give any information what
> the hazards or conditions are.  SO I don't find these much informative to
> make any conclusions in that regard either as in Africa most of us are very
> skilled unpaved road drivers, even without 4WD vehicles.  It doesn't give
> you a clue how it is to use these roads by bicycle, on foot, wheel
> carriage, normal car, truck etc...

do you believe there is a way to integrate this kind of information in the
current tagging scheme, and how would you do it?

> All efforts which we use today for smoothness and surface is just short term, non-conditional information
> the smoothness tag is clearly coming from an area where paved road surfaces are predominant (you can see this from the definition and distribution of values). If it doesn’t work well for unpaved roads, that’s not a reason to deprecate it for everybody.
> I didn't say we should deprecate it, but I think we can agree on the fact
> that, besides that it maybe says that are are potholes it doesn't give you
> much information or conclusive ways to describe suitability or comfort for
> different road user categories ?

I am not using it a lot, but I think it is suitable to say a road is smooth
and suitable for any vehicle,  but it may be less on par for describing
relatively bad surfaces. The smoothness tag was introduced by a Swiss
mapper, and most of our tags are developed in Europe. You are the first
person from Africa who participates frequently on this list, and I truly
welcome this. We really need more input and proposals from different

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