[Tagging] Proposed feature - Voting - electricity

Philip Barnes phil at trigpoint.me.uk
Fri Jan 1 16:27:04 UTC 2021

On Fri, 2021-01-01 at 15:18 +0100, Lukas Richert wrote:
> The idea of tagging this is that if someone, e.g a traveller, shows
> up to charge something they can reasonably assume if something is
> tagged electricity=yes that they will be able to charge their
> phone/laptop etc. 

I have been to some pubs and cafes where every table has mains sockets,
some have built in USB sockets, which is a very definite

Knowing that a USB chargeris available is useful as the traveller can
carry a simple cable rather than a more bulky main adaptor to charge
their phone. 

However most pubs and cafes simply have a few sockets dotted around,
the primary purpose being to plug in a vaccum cleaner.

Whilst I have never had a problem with being allowed to charge my phone
from such sockets, access is by no means guaranteed. The nearby tables
may be occupied for example. Would this still be a yes? or
electricity=maybe :)

Phil (trigpoint)

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