[Tagging] [OSM-talk] Should we map things that do not exist?

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Sat Jan 2 15:30:59 UTC 2021

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> Jan 2, 2021, 15:32 by pla16021 at gmail.com:
> I'm not sure it's sensible to do more than we have now: disused track
> (perfectly usable if somebody wanted to run a train on it), abandoned track
> (needs work before trains could run on it), razed track (you'd need to do a
> lot of work, which might include regrading and re-ballasting before new
> track
> could be laid).  Oh, and planned laying of new track where a razed track is
> now, and/or construction.
> railway=abandoned seems to be primarily used for places where
> railway tracks are gone

Not every mapper sees things as you or I would.  If the tracks are
gone, I'd probably use razed rather than abandoned.  Sleepers
and ballast are still there, but we map the rails not the sleepers
and ballast.  OTOH, the thing isn't totally razed if the sleepers
and ballast are still there, but if no trace remains at all then
you argue (and I agree) we shouldn't map it anyway.

> and railway=disused in used also for
> extremely overgrown tracks, that would require cutting 20m
> high trees growing now between railway tracks.

I'd use abandoned for that: it would take a lot of work to
fix.  I see disused as meaning that it would take little work
(perhaps only an inspection and maybe the application of
weed killer) before trains could run on it.

> railway=abandoned is getting used for everything from
> (1) "railway tracks damaged but present"
> through

Yep, abandoned.

(2) "track ballast and sleepers are present"
> to

I'd tend to go with razed for that one.

(3) "railway is gone, rail use struck from development plans,
> embankment gone, housing estate constructed there,
> area is not even owned by railway company"

That's one that shouldn't be mapped.  No tag necessary.

> I am pretty sure that tagging of that would strongly benefit
> from more specific tags.

Maybe there's room between abandoned and razed for "tracks have
been lifted but sleepers and ballast remain" but since mappers seem
to have difficulty distinguishing between abandoned and razed, adding
finer gradations probably won't help.

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