[Tagging] Why do we use British English? (Was: Cartpath RFC)

Andrew Harvey andrew.harvey4 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 3 09:48:47 UTC 2021

On Sun, 3 Jan 2021 at 17:23, Graeme Fitzpatrick <graemefitz1 at gmail.com>

> On Sun, 3 Jan 2021 at 14:46, Joseph Eisenberg <joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> This is already true for "sidewalks". These are usually called
>> "pavements" in England, but since that key would be ambiguous and the term
>> "sidewalk" is well-known in many countries, the key in OpenStreetMap is
>> sidewalk=*
> I call them "footpaths" :-)

Yeah isn't it great that iD's presets supports localisation. I translated
the sidewalk tag as "Footpath" for the Australian language.

Ultimately the actual tag value shouldn't matter that much, because there
will always be discrepancies globally in their meaning. So just pick
something for the tag, back it up with a solid wiki description and
localise it for each language and region.
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