[Tagging] Changing proposal process rules - RFC

Minh Nguyen minh at nguyen.cincinnati.oh.us
Wed Jan 6 10:52:29 UTC 2021

Vào lúc 00:45 2021-01-06, Tomas Straupis đã viết:
> 2021-01-06, tr, 02:20 Mateusz Konieczny via Tagging rašė:
>> In my opinion we have no trouble with newbies ruining proposal process
>> and I see no reason for adding obstacles and verification process and to make
>> processing vote even more complicated.
>    We have HUGE problems with not necessarily newbies, but people who
> have no clue in Cartography, GIS or IT, and still are making high
> impact decisions and even worse - telling newbies how they should do
> this or that.
>    Experience is something you cannot read in a book. You cannot
> explain it in a sentence or paragraph. You must well... EXPERIENCE it
> :-)

Is the suggestion to require the input of developers of existing OSM 
data consumers and editors? Or is it to require some sort of background 
check or litmus test for voters? The latter would be unworkable on a 
wiki that supports a pseudonymous database with the ethos of expanding 
the craft of map data creation to a broader audience.

What about experience in the real world? A back-office medical assistant 
would be more likely to point out deficiencies in a proposed healthcare 
tagging scheme than a certified GISP. A railfan may not carry any formal 
credentials in the fields you mentioned, but they would know the ins and 
outs of railway signals and have a strong opinion of what railway data 
is worth storing in the database. If someone proposes a tag that's 
subtly eurocentric, it may take a lay contributor from America or Africa 
to object on the grounds of regional or linguistic differences.

minh at nguyen.cincinnati.oh.us

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