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Graeme Fitzpatrick graemefitz1 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 04:47:50 UTC 2021

Re-visiting this topic, which was the subject of *much* discussion during
the recent Military bases proposal!

Currently, there are a number of different "Warnings" re mapping military
facilities on some of the related pages eg
but not on others.

As per the recent discussions:
some people thought that yes, a warning about mapping potentially sensitive
features could be good, others were against it as it's not illegal.

I spoke to the Legal Group, who responded with:

*"OSMF and LWG are not in a position to evaluate the laws of all countries
in which there may be mappers or mapping activity.*

* As the Terms of Use say:*
"You are responsible for your own actions: You are legally responsible for
your edits and contributions, so for your own protection you
should exercise caution and avoid contributing any content that may result
in criminal or civil liability under any applicable laws.
Although we may not agree with such actions, we warn editors and
contributors that authorities may seek to apply other countries’ laws
to you, including local laws where you live or where you view or edit
content. OSMF generally cannot offer any protection, guarantee,
immunity or indemnification."

* This general caution applies to both mapping of military installations as
well as mapping of other sensitive areas (or mapping/surveying in general).*

* I see no reason to alter the text of this paragraph. Feel free to link to
it or quote it in any wiki pages, but note that LWG does not regularly
review or monitor the contents of wiki pages for legal accuracy" *

So, are we happy with replacing the main Caution notice on
https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:military with something along the
lines of:

*Caution. Before mapping potentially sensitives sites such as these, please
be aware of the OSMF Terms of Use *

It could also include the text of that particular section?

Should this same notice then also be included, probably as a template, on
all military pages?


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