[Tagging] How to tag a street plaque?

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Am Mo., 18. Jan. 2021 um 15:26 Uhr schrieb Stefan Tauner <
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>  Because the street name alone is not perceived
> sufficient by authorities, the plagues telling the story/background are
> installed to facilitate remembrance. Doing so clearly tells us that the
> street name themselves are less of a memorial than the street with the
> sign.

so you sustain that each of these signs is a memorial by itself, and should
get the historic=memorial tag?

For me it is sufficiently different, because it does not refer to the
specific place, but is about the street name. Typically, I'd guess more
often than not in the case of street names referring to people, the street
has no specific connection to the person after which it is named. Cities
usually name new streets, and do not change the names of existing streets
(unless for strong political reasons), and streets get usually named after
deceased people, which makes a connection of the person and the street
quite unlikely. To me it would be almost "spamming" the memorial space if
all these signs or additional information (dates, professions), would be
"poured in".

Compare for example with "Stolpersteine" which are also a huge number of
objects, but which do have a direct relationship with the place where they
are set up.

Thinking about the memorials around me, they are all mounted on spots that
do have a relation with the place, sometimes more loosely as "somewhere in
the quarter" or the "sons of the city that died in the war", but often also
exact spots, buildings where something happened or someone lived, etc.

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