[Tagging] How to tag a street plaque?

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> Counter argument: Not all memorials have a strong relation to
> their location. Many, especially related to big events like wars (e.g.,
> triumphal arch) or plagues (e.g., plague columns aka Pestsäulen) are
> placed for
> representative purposes that have nothing to do with any localized
> events.

this might be more true for very few "national level" monuments, which are
often put in central or representative places in the capital (or become
important places through the monumental use), but much lesser for
memorials. Yes, war memorials, those referring to the last wars we had in
Europe, are not (only) at the battle sites but also in every village, town
and city, listing the names of the local victims, and either on the
cemetery (where the connection is to the graves there) or on prominent
places like the main square.

triumphal arcs, plague columns, victory columns, remembrance halls etc. are
not comparable to auxilliary signs on street signs. They are put in
central, visible, places like main arterial roads and squares of the
capital, or important squares of the town.

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