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Ah, very cool.  Yes, I should have said "in my state" and I stand corrected
on that point.  I guess you would have to tag highway=motorway + foot=yes
on the interstates in Oregon, since the motorway value implies foot=no.

On Sun, Jan 24, 2021, 12:39 PM Joseph Eisenberg <joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com>

> This depends on the State. The laws are local, since we have a Federal
> system in the US.
> Oregon you can walk or bike on all Interstate motorways, except for
> certain sections in the urbanized Portland metro area, and one viaduct in
> the city of Medford.
> So in Oregon there are signs that prohibit pedestrians and bikes at the
> on-ramps to the Interstate in these areas only.
> https://travel.fandom.com/wiki/Oregon/Tips_for_hitchhikers
> — Joseph Eisenberg
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>>> > Without knowing anything about Swedish law, it's clear that the road
>>> is physically inaccessible to pedestrians, and any pedestrian router that
>>> routes over it would be in error.
>>> if there is no shoulder and no sidewalk, you must walk at the border of
>>> the carriageway, at least in many countries this is the case.
>>> If the intention is to legally prevent it, you would have to put a
>>> motorway or motorroad sign or one that explicitly forbids pedestrians.
>> While this may be true in certain countries, quite simply, this is false
>> as a general rule worldwide.
>> US laws prohibit walking on Interstate highway, but there is not always
>> signage explicitly prohibiting pedestrians.  There are also state highways
>> built to the same standards as interstate highways.
>> Here is one such highway entrance that I am familiar with.  If you hit
>> "play" you will encounter exactly zero signs prohibiting pedestrian access
>> as you transition from surface roads to a controlled-access state highway
>> (highway=motorway) to an interstate highway (also highway=motorway).
>> https://www.mapillary.com/map/im/MW4IkWoY7JicUlmyqbSN2B
>> Traffic signage in the US varies quite a bit from place to place and in
>> general there is much less explicit signage here that in Europe, especially
>> when it comes to pedestrians.  Quite a bit of US traffic law is written but
>> not signed, and there is a well-known phrase "ignorance of the law is no
>> excuse".  Many of our laws are not signed and you just have to know about
>> them (seriously).  The US is a very car-oriented place; pedestrian access
>> is often an afterthought (if thought of at all) outside of urban areas.
>> Relying solely on explicit signage without local knowledge would result in
>> nonsensical tagging.
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