[Tagging] Deprecation - waterway=riverbank vs water=river

Tomas Straupis tomasstraupis at gmail.com
Sat Mar 6 06:18:51 UTC 2021

2021-03-06, št, 00:51 Andy Townsend rašė:
> Are you aware of any changes actually _damaging_ data here (as opposed
> to changing it from one well-used tag to another well-used tag
> combination that means exactly the same thing)?

  You're saying I can create a page saying "tag improvement", tell in
very clear details how to find the tagging I don't like and how to
"improve" it to the one I like, write in some small paragraph between
pile of tldr text which nobody reads that "it should not be done"
and... it would be fine - random mappers are doing the changes - no
damage? This is exactly what Brian has done here.

  We've raised the issue that this is happening. Isn't it up to DWG
now to investigate? For example check user Dimitar155, he was changing
objects in Belarus because "other guy told him to do so". Who is that
"other guy"? Did he/they agreed with Belarus community? (the same goes
for other countries, it is easy to find usernames/changesets)


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